“A little excuse” by Washim Parvez, a social activist.

We are human beings. There is no place of any contradiction in it. But, we do not think what we have to do. Gradually, our humanity is decreasing and we don’t have any care of it. Despite of knowing this, we proclaim that we are human beings. Some evil powers instigate all of us. As a result, we are falling in their traps then we do not call up what we are doing. We are being provoked from a little corner of our society. They are misleading and compelling us to do evil works by force. They are like poisonous snake and not a little from this. Inspite of knowing all of these, we remain motionless like lethargic audiences. The time has come to be united of us. Don’t hesitate. We’ll be stood up against  the evil powers because we are oppressed, downtrodden and vexed. How many days will you take help from them? For this, they use us very trickily . We ourselves should withstand to get rid of this Situation. All of us have to come under a same umbrella. The challenge that is in front of us is ‘Struggle for existence’. If we deny or keep it away from our mind, our aspect will pull down in a gradual way. we can not justify us by taking of colours because we are human beings. Undoubtedly, we should gather on a same row. Without it , nothing can be achieved. This is too much, no more Controversy. As a social worker, I myself am proud to stand against mob lynching, Social injustice, killings, Corruption etc. India is a democratic country. According to Indian Constitution, everybody has right to express his own Consent. Nobody can interrupt another from the Society . Nowadays, some inauspicious powers are assaulting obnoxiously those people who want to do something noble for the Society. We strongly cry down of it. We cry up of those persons who always stand with the sufferers. At present, we are oppressed, downtrodden and vexed. That’s why, we will be worked out of any kind of problem in an united manner.

Washim  Parvez, a social activist

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