Who Is Captain Marvel?

Wanna know Who is Captain Marvel? So I am here to give all the details about Captain Marvel. I will use Marvel Comics to discuss details about Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel

From 1968 Carol Danvers is a part of Marvel Comic and she was known as Ms. Marvel from 1977 to 2012. And after 2012 she got a new name Captain Marvel. But in this time period we saw many Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel. In marvel comics the original Captain Marvel was Marvel, a alain and Carol got her power from Marvel in a sight magneto fusion DNA of Marvel was mixed with Carol’s DNA. And also there are more female characters who had used The name Captain Marvel.

In 2014 Marvel Cinematic Universe announced that in 2019 they will introduce Captain Marvel with a brand new movie. But till now we have came to know only few words about Captain Marvel. Marvel Confirmed that upcoming movie will be based on controversial marvel character Carol Danvers. Some fans knows that In Marvel Comic Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel in 2012 and before she was called as Miss Marvel. Guys this is SRkh and today we are going to know more about Captain Marvel. So without any spoiler let’s go ahead.

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Carol Danvers was a service woman in USA Air Force:

When Carol Danvers was introduced in comic she wasn’t a superhero, she was just a member of of Air Force of USA. Carol joind Air Force when she was 18. After sometime she got promotion to be a Major. Next Carol joind Daily Bugle Magazine as editor. But Carol’s focus was in women leadership instead of fashion for that she was fired.

Guardians & Avengers

Captain Marvel is only the link between Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers. After sight magnetron fusion Carol become a alive fusion of human and pre genetics. For that she got her power and become Ms Marvel. Captain Marvel is a space traveling superhero and this links Guardians of the Galaxy with Avengers. But the screenplay writer of Captain Marvel just revealed that the origin story of Captain Marvel will be modified. So in this point this is not clear what is going to be the origin story of Captain Marvel and on that new story the outer space will be included or not is also not clear.

Superhero Teams

Captain Marvel become member of many superhero teams. Carol worked with many superhero organization in Earth and Space. She was member of Avengers, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Defenders, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Now in comic Captain Marvel is a member of The Ultimates, a superhero task post who finds threads of Galaxy.

Very Powerful:

There is no limit of super power of Captain Marvel. But before becoming superhero she was a great pilot & a great meletary. And all things became more enhance when she got her superpower. She has Super Strength, Flying power, Velocity like sound speed, Circuit power, Energy Absorbing power, Energy Projection, and also she can Survive in space. Captain Marvel is the most powerful Avenger of Marvel

Title of Ms. marvel

Title of Ms. Marvel is also most important. Carol till 1968 was only a supporting member. But in 1977 Jerry Convey made her Ms. Marvel, a superhero who supports women empowerment. In her name “Ms” tell us that she is a independent woman. Ms Marvel promoted many women characters in Marvel Comic.

MCU First Female Led Movie.

Captain Marvel is going to be the first Female Led Movie of MCU. Keeping eyes on history of Carol is was fixed that the first Female Led Movie will be on Captain Marvel. Many fans are happy with this. But some fans also wanted that the first Female Led Movie of MCU should be on Black Widow.

Rogue stole Carol’s Power

Rogue stole the whole power of Captain Marvel. Problems of Carol was not little. For that Rouge was Abel to do everything like Carol. For that there is difference between Cartoon’s Rouge & Movie’s Rouge.

Civil War Comic Series

In Marvel Civil War Comic Series Carol joind Iron Man’s pro registration team. But in Part 2 of Civil war she leads the opposite team. In Civil War part 2 Captain Marvel’s aim was to stop all those problems before coming out and Iron Man was not ready to agree with her.

Brie Larson

In 2014 when this movie was officially announced, all fans was thinking about the actress who can be fit with Captain Marvel. But MCU satisfied us with the name of the actress ‘Brie Larson
Captain Marvel is coming soon on theater.

So guys this was the more information about Captain Marvel. If we missed anything about her please let us know by our comment section. And also share your views.