Strongest Superhero in MCU Confirmed By Kevin Feige

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Hello guys hope you all are well. Guys In Marvel Comic there are many discussion about the topic ‘Who is The Strongest Superhero?‘. You may know that many of character were strongest in many points In Marvel Comic But if we talk about Marvel Cinematic Universe there was no official confirmation. Recently in a Interview Kevin Feige has confirmed that which Super hero is the strongest in Marvel Cinematic Universe. So guys this is SRkh and in this article we are going to tell you that Who is the Strongest Superhero In Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who is Strongest Superhero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Recently in a Interview Kevin Feige has confirmed that Captain Marvel is the strongest super hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is so strong that no other Superhero is near to her power level. In Strongest Superhero list Carol Danvers is at the top and we can’t ignore this as Kevin Feigh has officially confirmed this. The topic ‘Who is the strongest Superhero in Marvel Cinematic Universe was too much debatable. Many of you claimed that Thor Hulk, Dr Strange etc was the strongest super hero. It was too hard to find the strongest one because there were many points where a particular Super hero was the strongest one. But now MCU is about to create a new world where everything is going to defiened in a new way.

Who is 2nd Strongest Superhero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Now according to fans the strongest superhero God Of Thunder Thor became in 2nd position but Kevin Feigh didn’t told anything about Thor. But as Captain Marvel got the first position in the strongest super hero list then Thor should get the 2nd position. After listening this that Larson is the strongest one in MCU, Our excitement about Marvel Upcoming Movie Captain Marvel got too much boosted. But till now many of Strongest super hero of Comic isn’t introduced in MCU, So the list may get Changed. If it get changed we will notify you instantly. If you are a MARVEL fan you should Subscribe Our instant notification system that you can stay updated about all Marvel Related topics.

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1. According to you who is the strongest super hero in Marvel Cinematic Universe?
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