Marvel Vs Dc Data War Explained | Who wins?

Marvel Vs Dc Data War Explained

Marvel Vs Dc war is going throughout in the mind of the fans but audience get into one more level and started the battle of justice league. The battle on avenger vs justice league now had been settle down and the settlement is just because data. The website find out track last 40 years data that show on movies and TV related to super heroes in which according to this data Marvel left the DC back. So guys i am SRkh and today i will tell u about marvel vs dc data war. Without tension of spoilers let’s start.

Marvel Vs Dc Data War Explained:

From last 40 years marvel brings 47 superheros movies and DC brings 29 movies and if we ignore DCEU vs MCU still marvel movies are critically and commercially successful. In this data we talk about Tibertern to X-Men by adding Dc TV shows and film average. Rotten tomatoes score is only 48% and for this low score. Cat Woman of 2004 and 1984 super girls along with this Batman vs Superman also include. The average score of these 3 is 13% because of this score the DC suffered lose and by this the score of Wonder Woman 92% will also not going to get correct.  On second side the marvel average rotten tomato score is 73% and the credit of this score goes to Thor Ragnarok 92% and Iron Man 94% still marvel have blade,fantastic four and Ghost Riders kind of low rates movies series. If we talk about commercial level then Marvel will be more.  In these many years, Marvel movies earn $536.1 Bllion and DC movies earn $104 Billion in which Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy earn $2 Billion. But Fox’s X-Men movie on his own and earn more than this. Still DC movie holding poor ratings had commercially successful. For example suicide score having 26% ratings earn $745 Million. But one field is there in which DC is more than Marvel that is the most popular character No. 1 Batman and No.2 Superman . The world’s top position super heroes rank 3rd is Wolverine all his credit goes to Huge Jackman. After this next fifteen belongs to marvel but in these few belongs to MCU.  If we talk about this DC is more successful and about universal top TV characters movie DC comes No. 1. In all these character the top 3 are Batman Superman and Robin and after
this on the fourth fifth sixth position are hulk , Spiderman and Ironman. But if we ignore the last 40 years and keep eye on the last 2 years compare to all years super hero movies come in more range, this mean in the coming time less normal movies and more super heroes movies we can see. Recently coming Avengers 4 movie create rumor. People are hungry for more super movies. So whoever win according to data but we fans watch all super movies then the movie is from Marvel or from DC. But the sadness point is this the successful super movie will not earn prestigious awards but still it is OK Oscar win whosoever. The winners are our favorite movies. So guys this is the small article about super heroes data. If any detail is missed by us or if u have any data regarding this article then please let us know in the comments and also let us know  which is your favorite universe?